Hello, my name is Wyke. My blog Silver at Sunrise emerged from my love to write and travel, combined with my wish to share positivity and inspiration. The goal of this blog is to inspire you – whether it is with a story, a photograph, or a  piece of music. To inspire you to live your life to the fullest, whatever that means to you.


The color of the moon. It is said to be purifying and soothing. Silver signals
the time of reflection and a change of direction, as it lights the way forward.
It helps releasing eventual blockages, whether emotional, mental, or physical,
and as such opens new doors.


The moment the new day comes alive. The moment you usually might not be awake. Be inspired by the first sunbeams, and see things you normally wouldn’t see, make plans you normally wouldn’t make. Sunrise is the perfect moment to set your intentions for the day to come.

Silver at Sunrise

It’s not that we should wake up each day at sunrise. Combine the power of silver and sunrise. Take the time to reflect, to release, and set the door open for this brand new day, new adventures, new experiences. Who said today has to be the same as yesterday? It’s your life. You decide what to do with it. Be inspired… by Silver at Sunrise.