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Hiya! Greetings from good old Nashville!

Left home at 7.15 AM and 2 flights, 8 hours overlay, and 3 timezones later I landed in Nashville. I waited for a colleague who was on another flight and since it was only 23.30h here, we decided to hit the bar first. It’s the real American deal: pubs where time stood still ever since the 70s if not 60s, one can still smoke and people do so as if their lives depend on it, they talk uncomprehensible English (“where do you come from” is pronounced something like “whedcmm”) and pub personnel is super friendly. Ow, and since we are at the home of country music, country music it is!

It was a memorable night of which strange enough I remember everything. Let’s ask tonight how happy our other colleague was with our voice mail message! Today I woke up with a slight headache and since I was too late for breakfast, I started the day with a burrito meal and coca cola at the shopping mall. I was that excited by the soft drinks vending machine, with 15 different flavours of coca cola (orange and vanilla, amongst others) I poured the coke into my hand instead of the cup. Or maybe not woken up…?

We’re staying outside the center near the convention hall. Again, the hotel and the surroundings are the real American deal, meaning the real American deal for a place in the middle of nowhere or nel bel mezzo del mondo 😉 Uninspiring, lots of asfalt, the concept of a garden is unknown, and everywhere you look you see people working at jobs specially created to give people jobs. I add a picture of the view through my window: it’s illustrative for everything around.

Today I decided to cocoon the rest of the day in the hotel room. I will even skip the Dutch community welcome drink at the conference tonight. These social events, and btw the whole conference, are not social events but pure sales activities, finding out where there are opportunities, putting yourself in the picture, and building “relationships” with people. Today I’m not up too, tomorrow, Sunday, the circus start and that’s early enough 😉

Also I have to find some time to go downtown these days. Like I already mentioned, Nashville is the home of country music and called Music City. It’s all about music here! The Johnny Cash museum should be interesting, as the Country Music Hall of Fame and the studios where Elvis Presley recorded about 200 of his songs. Dolly Parton and Ray Orbison also are famous artists who recorded here.

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I’ll probably share my own experiences next week while on the plane to the next detination: South America! Let’s hope I will not have been caught by the line dancing virus by that time 😉

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